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PostSubject: Season   Wed Jul 15, 2015 4:48 pm

In ep 6 at about 35-36 min mark, they play part of a fever ray song, it is from the same lp that the Vikings theme song
came from.
I noticed it and looked it up and was surprised it was a fever ray song and I already had it ! lol

I am on ep 7 now, this is first time I have watched them since it aired, back in 2008 !
wow 5 years ago!
mainly I wanted to see them with  alex inside division. and no ch logos or pop up ads.

I wish this show had been just alex as not nikita, but just alex and she really just winds up in div, and has to deal with
that, and sort of be like the first nikita show.
and she gradually becomes a agent but  never corrupted.

Or start the show with maggie on the inside  and she gets out  at end of S-1 and then starts messing with division.

12 eps of alex in div just wasnt enough. and it was hard to buy her doing the dbl agent stuff and getting away with it.
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