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 Aquarius TV Series

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PostSubject: Aquarius TV Series   Tue Jun 16, 2015 11:52 pm

I have been watching the series, and I dont really like Mr X-files david duchovny, but I noticed it had
the manson characters in it so gave it a try.

they mix fact and fiction so this isnt a dramatization of real story.
But they do a good job with manson, which is different than what others have done.
They also mix in a bunch of side storys and point out all the flaws of that period, which is
beating a dead horse, But I am liking the manson family part.

Worth watching if your interested in that.
I had recently saw the 2006 movie about manson, and watched some interviews with the girls and manson,
so this show just was another perspective on it.
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Aquarius TV Series
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