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 Caitlin in movie.

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PostSubject: Caitlin in movie.   Sun Jun 07, 2015 10:23 am

Caitlin OR Diane Panabaker is in a 2014 movie called Time Lapse.
It is a  well done low budget movie with a original premise.
She looked great in it and was a co star, so if you like her or time movies check it out.

there is no time travel,  her and her BF find a  big complex camera set up in the house across fro where they live.
The guy who live there  had disappeared.
There are all these polaroid pictures on the wall and mostly it is  them in the pictures, taken thru their front room window.
they find one that has not occured yet and the  game is afoot.
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Caitlin in movie.
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