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 Daredevil Episode 9 " Speak of the Devil "

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PostSubject: Daredevil Episode 9 " Speak of the Devil "   Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:48 am

Ok another wow ! ep!
The fight scene in this one was great, too bad they broke up into 3 segments or it could have been awesome.

only thing is matt takes another beating ! lol no way he could show up at work and not look and act beat up.
He was stabbed before , now stabbed and cut and beat up.

foggy unmasks him which is not like in the comic, as far as I can remember.
maybe in the later comics.

So far I am tired of paige and her crusade, like wanting the people to stay and not take the offer will just get them hurt
or killed.
I think paige should have come along later and been better looking, and more charisma, this actress is ok but she doesnt wow me and her role is not that interesting without the wow me.

But the daredevil parts fights and kingpin are all pretty good.
most gritty and realistic comic story ever, a lot of early frank miller influence in the writing etc.

In thinking ahead I hope they do a Electra story , with the right actress it could be great, although they may have bullseye too and he kill her so.... maybe they change it up.

I think they would do a good job with both though.

back to the ep, I was surprised kuba took on dd himself, thought he would hire someone.
cool how dd took him out, I was wndering how he would get away, brom both kuba and kingpin, looked like they had him.

he is gonna need some new sticks , wonder where he buys those?

In closing this is like a 13 hour movie!
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Daredevil Episode 9 " Speak of the Devil "
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