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 Daredevil Episode 8 " Shadows in the Glass "

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PostSubject: Daredevil Episode 8 " Shadows in the Glass "    Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:47 am

ok saw this one and good ep, no or little action, this one was all drama and mostly kingpin/fisk.
he gets his woman, and she will help him from a mentla emotional standpoint.

The old woman gow speaks all languages lol Question Surprised What a Face Basketball

fisk gets the one det to kill his long time partner, and really that wasnt necessary I dont thik the guy would talk
as soon as he wakes up , and they could say it was a accident !
Anyway the partner does it, but now I think they kill him, so he wont get to spend the $.

We see fisk kill his bully of a dad. and why he wore the cuff links, I wondered why he had all those others if he only
wore his dad's!
Now she gets him to wear some different ones.

Stick did kill the boy who was something special, no clue as to what.

This is a hard series to predict , I have no clue how this will end up.

I think if I was DD I would have hit the drug source, gow, and eliminated their source of big $ from the get go.
The russians distributed it, but better to wipe out the source.
He really did fisk a favor helping him get rid of the russians.
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Daredevil Episode 8 " Shadows in the Glass "
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