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 Daredevil Episode 6 "Condemned "

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PostSubject: Re: Daredevil Episode 6 "Condemned "   Sat Apr 11, 2015 6:33 am

WOW ! episode 6 was really good !
Seemed like a long one.

he got away from the police, only to be trapped again in warehouse.
he finally talks to fisk over walkie talkie, and the russian tells him he needs to kill fisk to end it.
DD doesnt kill, but the only way is probably to just kill fisk, which never happened in the comic, but dont know what they will do here.

So the russians are all dead now, and left is fisk and his 3 other partners,
1.madame gow the evil chinese drug lord.
2.owsley the acct or money guy
3. the othe oriental guy, not sure what he does.

And now DD is wanted for killing several cops, and they have him on tape fighting the 3 cops.

So now fisk and his people and the dirty cops and the good cops are all after him, and everyone knows what he looks like with his mask.

If I were him I would go home clean up, burn the mask and outfit,
and be matt murdock for awhile !! Very Happy

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Daredevil Episode 6 "Condemned "
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