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 Rick and Carol have gone tribal or bad ?

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PostSubject: Rick and Carol have gone tribal or bad ?   Mon Mar 09, 2015 9:35 am

The deal is Rick and Carol have gone native, and in a way bad.
Their own tribe is the only one that matters, and there are high end tribe
members and low end depending on how long they have been in the tribe.

Rick calls it a family, but really it is a tribe.

So now they have moved in with another tribe who has the cool town and supply's.

The leader of the other tribe is in charge and Rick and Carol prefer that
they are in charge, or rick.
They have decided already that Rick would be the better leader.
Also they have decided most or all on the other tribe is expendable, and they might let some that dont seem to be a threat of any kind to join their tribe when they take over.

Carol made the comment that "either way" they needed the secret guns.

I wonder what fans would think if carol had killed the kid or does kill him.
She already killed one kid, and other humans just because she thought it was the best for her and or her tribe.

Rick and carol right now are not the good guys .
I think they are looking for any excuse to kill most of these people and take the town for themselves.

The rest of ricks tribe has decided they like it and want to join this new tribe.

And sasha is a little nuts and like carol and rick.

I dont think Deanna has any ulterior motives, and she may be holding some info back regarding what happened to the people they lost.

It is also possible they took the town from someone else.

Rick and his team could have made their own town elsewhere but are too stupid
to do it.
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PostSubject: Re: Rick and Carol have gone tribal or bad ?   Mon Mar 09, 2015 2:41 pm

I disagree completely, I don't think Rick is looking to kill anyone, Sasha isn't nutsy, she has PTSD, I think they all would considering what they have been through, and I don't think they are too stupid to do anything, I imagine taking the prison was ALOT harder than the people putting walls around the town. You can tell by the way they act they have no clue how to survive on the outside. Everyone should be armed at all times, Rick is right on point with that. I think they will be attacked by the people carving stuff into heads by the end of the season, something will happen setting up Rick as the new leader, not because he takes it by force but because they need someone with Rick's experience to lead them.
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Rick and Carol have gone tribal or bad ?
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