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 The Mentalist FINALE 2 PARTS

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PostSubject: The Mentalist FINALE 2 PARTS   Wed Feb 18, 2015 10:20 pm

2015-02-18   22:16:51
OK Saw them live , eps 712-13 and it was good, they made it look like either jane or liz would get killed in the end, but
they didnt and it turned out to be a very nice ending !!! cheers 
I liked it, it was a fitting way to end the show so kudos to the show runner!
I find it odd they would do 13 shows though. 16 or 12 would make more sense since usually 4 to a dvd.

At end Jane has a wife and a kid on the way, which is what he lost back when the show started.
He found the killer, killed him and in the process found a new wife and kid.

And this way they can always do more if they want, movie, miniseries .

Even the 2 that were written out were back for the finale.

This ending beats all the others I have seen in recent years where they are all gloomy ,dark, and stupid endings.
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PostSubject: Re: The Mentalist FINALE 2 PARTS   Thu Mar 12, 2015 12:04 pm

I just saw them.

When the couple at the beginning Bill and Susan Herman were talking about the guy in the car watching the house, I figured first that the guy would jump out and kill Bill, then it looked liked the driver was maybe killed by Lazarus. Then we see he is just a drunk, I figured Susan would be gone. So the fingernails and blood would bring Keller Sr's spirit back to JR? And the killings made Lazarus feel better.

Patrick becomes a psychic again on Wylie's urging. Lisbon ofcourse was dead against it. Especially after what happened to Gabriel. Ofcourse poor Agent Rick Tork comes to help and be the victim in Jane's kidnapping by Lazarus/Joseph Keller. Luckily he wasn't killed. I figured with him there he would be killed instead of Cho or Abbott. Then when Lazarus is talking to Jane at the Radio Station, and Tork replaces Cho as Patrick's guard, I said "Oh oh, bye bye Rick!"

Patrick did a good job figuring out Lazarus's life. So he wanted to contact his serial killer father, Big Joe. With him gone from the room Patrick figures out much more. But with Lazarus upstairs it seemed that Patrick made enough noise, I thought he would be back much sooner. I don't figure how Lazarus made it out alive when they hot gum broke the bulb and Kaboom the gas blew. You say how worried Lisbon was when she came to the house alone(No backup?), and she was so worried Jane had died. That must be how he felt sometimes. "Don't you ever do that to me again, ever!" Lisbon told him.

I had figured either the store clerk, or the county clerks office would have alerted local Police.
I liked Wylie's idea to check the occult shop. Saying Patrick would even after Cho and Abbott thought it was a waste of time. Then Cho was nice enough to go and follow Wylie's hunch. Then Kelis Weir helped them with Alan Saltonstall's name. "Blackmoor site, Ebay of the weird!," stated Wylie. Then Lisbon jumped on Saltonstall's case and got 8 names out of him. I'm not sure how the team got from a list of 8 to finding Joe Keller? Maybe the same way Garcia does on Criminal Minds.

I liked the Gibbs head slap that Cho gave to Wylie when he had applied for a transfer, and didn't think he could handle the field. But it would be a good team start with Cho, Wylie, and Tork. Maybe bring back Kim Fischer? She won't have to compete in our minds with Lisbon for Jane's heart.

Cho helping Lisbon dress shop was classic. Talking snow cones and slutty elves dresses. That was so funny. Who knew Cho was so talented. Also his big smile and Lisbon calling him Kimball was great.

I thought Patrick taking off the ring and wanting it to be "their" ring was kinda nice. Patrick catching the Jewelry shop owner in a con was classic Jane also. Hope he didn't give Lisbon the phony ring, lol "I want you to be my wife, will you marry me!" Jane said, and Lisbon answered, "Yes, Yes!"

I wondered about Abbott not wanting to tell Jane and Lisbon about Keller. But he finally did ,and then I worried they would have to stop Keller at the cabin alone. But it was cool, all the guns pointed at him, even Lisbon in her dress. Then Patrick gives her gun away quick. Then his "Sorry" as they leave the room, funny. Now if the series was not ending there I could see him escaping and having one more show down. I didn't like he killed Dan Glover and was worried he would kill Judge Emily Hamilton. I wondered why he did not, but I guess he was in her trunk so she probably didn't even see him.

Patrick and Lisbon were so cute together in their wedding attire. The ceremony itself was funny, where it went from 1 or 2 to 20 slowly on the invite list. Teresa stressed when the Lisbon clan rolled in. And gf Lucy, bang bang. Was great to see Wayne and Grace Van Pelt - Rigsby there. Their dancing as Mr. and Mrs. Jane watched from the other side of the pond was so cool. And Lisbon being with child was perfect. I did miss as mentioned here before, Vega dancing with Wylie, but also Virgil Minelli, Madeline Hightower and even Kim Fischer. CBI Ron and CBI Karl made the invite list. Wasn't one of them killed by Red John? Oh and I half expected to see a red smiley face on the cabin or camper as we faded out.
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The Mentalist FINALE 2 PARTS
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