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 The Mentalist ep 705

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PostSubject: The Mentalist ep 705   Tue Dec 30, 2014 9:52 pm

saw this today and I liked this one, good story, and he is trying to get lisbon to quit and run off and do something else together.
makes me wonder if they are going to kill her off  in the last show, or will they have a happy ending??
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PostSubject: Re: The Mentalist ep 705   Sat Jan 10, 2015 10:22 am

You could see Zach Jefferson didn't do it.His lawyer Linda Berry, knew it too. She asked Lisbon for their help. Would have been nice at the end to see Jefferson get out of jail. But it don't happen that quickly.

I didn't tie the"Curiosity Killed The Cat" message in the empty briefcase to what Vega said in the office, until I was rereading my notes today. Meow! But curiosity also cured polio.

I worried that Abbott being close friends with Colonial Aaron Raymond, that he would stop Patrick and Lisbon. Really after he confronted Lisbon, Abbott did stop them. I wondered with Cho talking to Detective Rios,that some how Reymond would find out. It was nice that when Patrick first brought up the idea of investigating Reymond that when Abbott asked Lisbon what she though, she said to follow Jane's instincts. In the old days she wouldn't have agreed so easily. But the silver briefcase gave Jane an idea.I was surprised that Reymond and Sparks didn't leave when Patrick and Teresa set the 5 minute timer.

I like Cho talking strategy with Vega as they cleaned their weapons. She should learn a lot.

I really liked when Jane, Cho and Vega were talking about the case and Wylie at his desk kept looking over. Then Patrick told Vega to wave him over next time he looks. The smile on Jane's face told it all. He knows Wylie likes Vega. So her awkwardly waving him over will make Wylie very happy. He had to check many offices to find Denise Sparks. Then I thought Wylie would be more nervous with Vega changing next to him in the car. I also wonder if the piece of cloth that Wylie found was from the clothing?

Even though Lisbon said she thought Sparks could kill, by her coffee shop meeting, I believe she didn't do it. I believe that with us seeing Raymond washing up, then turning down the heat at the beginning was him cleaning up after his murder. I don't remember seeing Sparks there. But we saw the bloody foot that we saw after Reymond stabbed her in the interrogation testimony view. It was interesting to have the heat up, and then the fan on when he turned down the heat to change the time of death. Also Sparks dressing up as Nicole to make the traffic cams think she was in car.
Still don't get why he told Sparks to come over? If he had kept her in the dark, she wouldn't have ratted on him in interrogation. But then he couldn't have had her dress as Nicole.

Lisbon and Jane talked a lot about him wanting to leave the FBI. She told how much she loved it and how much he gets out of the work too. I liked them as a couple looking at Reymond;s old home. I definitely though that when we saw the Realtors sign with Judy Lomax in big letters, that we had found Reymond's lover. Teresa looked very happy in that house. Patrick was looking for evidence.I thught maybe after making her calls, Judy would catch them doing something, investigation wise. But since she was not a suspect it would not have mattered
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The Mentalist ep 705
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