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 12-07-14 "The Greybar Hotel" 7.02

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PostSubject: 12-07-14 "The Greybar Hotel" 7.02    Wed Dec 10, 2014 11:43 am

In this episode I kinda missed Agent Fischer. Patrick got to do more on his own, but wouldn't if she was here. Where is his camper?

At the Gas Station, after Cole shot the Attendant for basically playing video games/Facebook on his phone instead of checking him out . He asked Lisbon why she hesitated. She could have said that she was on her 3rd strike and don't want to get caught over a stupid act or whatever. Instead of acting like she was worried and scared ,or as we know trying to leave a message.

I liked that Jane marked his trail with the juice bottles. Littering but.... Also you could see the desperation in Jane's face and thought as he took off with the car following where he figured Cole and Hendricks took Lisbon. With the "y" in the road outside the Mini Mart, I didn't catch from Cole talking about the helicopter that he meant it was down that road. But Lisbon must have known enough about the area to know what road it was on, unless he gave out street name? Her blood print pointed that way. I was wondering why Patrick put the note book in his pocket? Did he not want Vega/PD to see it? Did he think there maybe clues in it other then her half note?
Then at the Helicopter when Lisbon was looking at Hendricks gun and Foster got suspicious, she could have said that she was worried about being out in the open without a weapon? Instead of saying she was doing nothing like a kid hiding something. Then Jane putting the Jeep mirror in the tree, "sniper style", was thoughtful. You could see he was desperate. His "Patrick Jane, FBI, Your coming with me!",ploy almost worked.  
Marie was on Lisbon's side up until the end. Then she recognized Patrick as the con-artist bf. But instead of being FBI he could really have been just there to get his girl. Marie must have forgot that Lisbon said her bf was in Florida? But then Abbott and team FBI stormed in. Abbott giving Jane the Bottle from his pocket, saying "You dropped this!" was cute.

I did like the story Lisbon told about her and Patrick, and her ex-Pike. Patrick had told her to tell the truth as much as she can. I also liked Patrick telling Lisbon that he would wait for her, it was funny.

Agent Michelle Vega talkig to Cho about his technique and wanting to learn for him was nice. Cho had to think about it. Is he afraid like when Van Pelt and Wayne worked together they got close and eventually married? Or when Jane and Lisbon finally fell in love? He would be next. He had a good working relationship with Agent Kim Fischer, but she knew already what she was doing in the field. Vega is a rookie. But I couldn't see anyone better to work with actually then Kimball Cho to learn the craft.

We have Cho hard-lining against Cole Foster in interrogation. He was ready to throw Maria Flanigan under the bus. He gave up many contacts for life imprisonment. But we never did see them interrogating Randy Hendricks for his connections. That was the big reason CIA Agent Danitra Cass let the FBI work the case too. She did say that they got what they needed I believe. But with Terrorists, they could work with NCIS to bring them down. Just throw in a Military connection.

I also thought that car theft employee Benson that told about Cole and Hendricks would figure more prominently in the take down later somehow.

 I liked how at the Greybar Hotel(took me a bit to figure that out), Marie was playing all cool, until Abbott laid in to her. His yell startled me to, lol. Lisbon played 2 different people kinda at the prison. At first she was all nice to Marie, and gave in when Marie wanted the top bunk. Then when Marie and the other inmate were arguing outside in the phone room. Lisbon stood up to her. Using the excuse that she had brothers. I see we will be meeting them this season I believe. Lucky Lisbon hasn't put anyone away that might have recognized her. In her CBI days there probably were some that would.

it was funny how Jason Wylie was all excited about listening in for Maria's call to Cole. Vega was "ok, whatever". Then Wylie warning her about using Jane's cup. Telling her:,"Wash it, put it back and he won't know!:, "Well hopefully he won't know." Then her still using it and he warn her again, lol.
Cho found out that ex Jane date, Erica Flynn works with one of the smugglers. This could be interesting, and nice to tie up some loose ends.
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PostSubject: Re: 12-07-14 "The Greybar Hotel" 7.02    Fri Dec 12, 2014 4:10 pm

ex Jane date, Erica Flynn works with one of the smugglers. This could be interesting, and nice to tie up some loose ends......... I dont remember any of when she was on the show before.

the whole prison /breakout scheme was entertaining but had some flaws.
One being jane letting lisbon go into prison and later have her life in danger.

We can just make this the 702 thread I am deleting the other one.

cho and vega could be good, they are both sort of robotic.
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12-07-14 "The Greybar Hotel" 7.02
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