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 Z Nation on syfy

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PostSubject: Z Nation on syfy   Wed Sep 17, 2014 10:28 am

Wow I watched this and as soon as I saw it listed , I thought hey might watch this could be good.
Then I saw it was on syfy and thought...........uh oh maybe not.
The company who made the show has a bad record of shows, and it showed in this.

It is really a shame, as the basic premise was fairly good, they just didnt get good actors,directors, writers,and a small budget.

Suck-fy should be syfy's new name ! sufy for short.
Owned by NBC they could have done a high budget, quality version of this show , and probably have a major hit right now.
If it got 1/2 the ratings of WD it would be worth the investment.

NOw they have a low rated show that people will make fun of and for me it is the nail in the coffin for this network.
They represent cheap, lowbudget,poor quality, and stupid tv and movies.
The stuff they do is like the Jap movies where kung fu guys are flying around thru the air , or a bad godzilla movie.

Alphas was one of the better shows they have aired, at least it had quality production.
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Z Nation on syfy
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