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 New shows that were not very good

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PostSubject: New shows that were not very good   Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:10 am

1.Salem on wgn,
sort of gross and mainly says in salem there were witches and they were mainly bad witches that deserved to be burned, but they were not the ones that were burned !!! LOL
They set up their enemys etc , to look like witches and they were killed in various methods.
not what I expected , and could not get into it.

2. Crossbones on nbc
This was sort of a black sails copy, very british, and pilot was pretty bad.
I like malcovich but I am going to try ep 2 and then probably dump this too.

saw all these , but dont think I will watch S-2, kinda silly after awhile.

4. penny dreadful
pretty much had to drop this one also said why in PD thread. only 8 eps so might watch more, saw the first 4.

5.24 .....ok same as before always fast paced and well done keeps me interested. ( not a drop lol but dont have a topic for it !!)

nothing on this summer for me except 24 and later june 23 teen wolf starts up again, just as 24 is finishing up.

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New shows that were not very good
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