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 6.09 to 6.12

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PostSubject: 6.09 to 6.12   Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:28 pm

1-5-14 "White Lines" 6.11
I did think Krystal was involved but it took awhile before i figured she was the boss. i believe Fischer is with Lisbon, because she is 1)only other female in dept, 2) a good detective, 3) can help her handle Patrick.  

1-12-14 "Golden Hammer" 6.12
Grace was sent the list: Osvaldo Ardiles, Salvador Palacios, Grace Van Pelt, Mike Riner, Kimball Cho, Mark Hochman, Claudia Chavez, Wayne Rigsby, Chris Kieffer, Teresa Lisbon, Deborah Chenier, and Patrick Jane.

The other names on the list must be people that worked on some special case. We don't see on list, Madeleine Hightower, Virgil Minelli, J.J LaRoche or CBI's Ron or Karl.

Isn't Christina Frye still out there somewhere? Also was FBI Agent Susan Darcy killed off? If not maybe she could make an appearance?

It is interesting that maybe Tommy Volker, or Jason Cooper of Visualize might have a vendetta. But what information was the person trying to get out of Osvaldo Ardiles??? Wouldn't that raise a big flag??? Even if Van Pelt didn't get a hold of the list? What was she searching to receive it?

Van Pelts hair did look a little off. But coming back from giving birth she wouldn't be exactly the same. It is nice to see her and Rigsby. When they met Lisbon back before she joined the FBI, was Graces hair the same? It didn't look it to me.  

I didn't pick the seller as Avery Schultz until later when I was thinking back. I was looking at brother Curtis Whitaker(he played Keith on SCRUBS), and later the NIN tech, the legal counsel Leo Drembelas or the Security Guard Martin Hagen. But with Curtis, I should have known because Patrick pointed him out as a suspect. Think murder was worse then espionage for Schultz.
The part where Patrick set up Hassan Zarif with the stolen phone charge by the bike cop was funny. Patrick was a bad actor, lol .

Patrick didn't seem to see the message letters until he was reading the old paper in the diner. Cho ofcourse was skeptical. Won't he ever learn??
Surprised Patrick picked it right up and took it. Maybe to him the paper seemed out of place?

I think Lisbon is content right now playing Patrick's equal. Maybe later she will strive to move back into a leader role. Kim Fischer I believe pals with Lisbon for 1) She is new and is leaning the FBI ropes. 2) She is a darn good cop and was a leader. And 3) She has insight into what Patrick does.

Kim I don't know that she has sexual intentions for Patrick so much as she is fascinated at times with what he does. She also must be frustrated by him too. I think also maybe she don't have female friends that she can talk to about her work so she hangs out with Lisbon. If we saw a couple other female Agents at HQ that she worked with then we maybe will think she has more feelings for Lisbon other then as a colleague.

The Agent Daniels that didn't want Patrick on the case at first, will he be a "Bertram" in that he is by the book and Patrick will like to push him? Because Abbott fits more of a Hightower/Wainwright fit to me, and ofcourse Fischer does the Lisbon part.

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PostSubject: Re: 6.09 to 6.12   Tue Jan 14, 2014 11:53 pm

Van Pelts hair did look a little off...yeah new hair do with bangs, before it was not bangs.
also a little frizzy.
it was nice to see them again.
What was she searching to receive it? .......not sure, I think she did a back trace to see where the guys phone was sending info to, and then maybe hacked that computer.
the list was 8 cbi people that were being monitored.
Maybe to him the paper seemed out of place? .....yes he said teh guy was childlike, yet here was this serious paper that was not current and stained.

Maybe later she will strive to move back into a leader I think she can enjoy this more not being the leader, but just one of the team. Now patrick puts stress on others not her . lol

here is SC of the list
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6.09 to 6.12
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