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 "Outcast" new show

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PostSubject: "Outcast" new show   Wed Jul 20, 2016 4:36 am

Ok just started with this show, on ep 4 now, it is another Kirkman comic, and he is producing the show on Cinemax.
Season 1

1. 1-1 03 Jun 16 A Darkness Surrounds Him
2. 1-2 10 Jun 16 (I Remember) When She Loved Me (45 min)
3. 1-3 17 Jun 16 All Alone Now (50 min)
4. 1-4 24 Jun 16 A Wrath Unseen
5. 1-5 08 Jul 16 The Road Before Us
6. 1-6 15 Jul 16 From The Shadows It Watches
7. 1-7 22 Jul 16 The Damage Done
8. 1-8 29 Jul 16 What Lurks Within
9. 1-9 05 Aug 16 Close To Home
10. 1-10 12 Aug 16 This Little Light

Patrick Fugit as Kyle Barnes
Philip Glenister as Reverend Anderson
Wrenn Schmidt as Megan Holter I gradually came to think this woman is kinda hot, and when I looked her up
found out she was on POI, the Americans,Tyrant, and Boardwalk Empire!! I watched all those, but only remember her
from POI where she was the counseler for reese. And Tyrant, I think she was the sister of the Doctor wife.
David Denman as Mark Holter
Julia Crockett as Sarah Barnes
Kate Lyn Sheil as Allison Barnes
Reg E. Cathey as Chief Byron Giles
Brent Spiner as Sidney

Anyway since this was a kirkman show I decided to check it out, even though I dont like this genre, demons, exorcisms etc.

And it turns out to be pretty good, It is sort of like better call saul in that it is slow and sort of intellectual.
Not a whole lot of demon stuff. More character stuff, which I kinda like.

It is based on his comic, and supposedly is following that, so dont know if i like that or not.
But it could turn out to be pretty good, some underlying stories.

10 eps, and 6 just came out.

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"Outcast" new show
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