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 "The Night Of"

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PostSubject: "The Night Of"   Wed Jun 29, 2016 8:32 pm

OK saw this the other night, it was the ep 01 or pilot, of a new hbo show.
I saw it on putlocker.

I recommend seeing it, at 1.18 long, and is very well done.
It is a serious drama , but I could not help but laugh  at all the things this young kinda innocent guy
does wrong.

He is going to a party hoping to meet some girls, and he is very inexperienced with girls.
So he takes his dads taxi without telling his dad, then he gets lost trying to find the party location.
When he stops his taxi light is on and he doesnt know how to turn it off ! lol so people are just
getting in his cab and he has to then explain he is off duty no rides.

Then this cute girl gets in, and he takes one look and is smitten.
So he decides he will give her a ride,and she wants to go to the river.

And from there the story goes, and by end of show he is in jail for murder.
From the point where they get to the river onward it is great, and worth seeing
even if you only watch this one show.
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"The Night Of"
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